07/05/2014 h 10:22

The Finnish team has new coaches! Read about it here!


04/05/2014 h 16:32

Here's our first news journal - everything that happened

and everything you need to know in a short form!


23/03/2014 h 16:47

The season ends in Planica!

Find out everything here!


25/02/2014 h 21:54

Gorm Johansson evaluates the qualification in Falun for you!





Here we go with our next interview: We talked to the promising Swiss youngster Pascal Kälin


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Although the Summer-Grand-Prix began,

we continue to bring you interviews with amazing ski-jumpers.

This time we had the pleasure to make an interview

with the young Canadian athlete Atsuko Tanaka!

CONTEST TIME!!! Are you a fan of Gregor Schlierenzauer? If so, you got the chance to win one of this flyer - photo below- signed by him in person.

We havefew more flyers to give away, all you have to do to win one of this, is to partecipate to our contests - like trying to guess who will be the qalifications winner, or the men winner, easy stuff like that, all during the various Qualifications / Competitions at this year SGP2013!!! 
The lucky ones will be choosen by
Peggy and me (Cocca)

If you are interested all you have to do is going to our Facebook page when is ski jumping weekend and try to guess!

Good luck everyone!



Hinterzarten on Friday 26 th of July

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Men Competition - Hinterzarten 28 th July 2013

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Photo Gallery: Homepage

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News and Results

Stjernen, Sjøen, Hilde: Norwegian party in Courchevel

15/08/2014 20:35
A.Stjernen, P. Sjøen, K. Stoch - Courchevel 2014 Stjernen, Sjøen, Hilde: Norwegian party in Courchevel Three athletes in the top-4: a remarkable...

Schlierenzauer back on top, Zyla leads the SGP

09/08/2014 21:23
Gregor Schlierenzauer and Michael Hayboeck - Einsiedeln (SWI) 9/8/14   EINSIEDELN, HS117 - Twelveth win in the Summer Grand Prix and a big...

Unbeatable Prevc gets first SGP win

26/07/2014 21:17
                            Unbeatable Prevc gets first SGP win Peter...
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Men World Cup Standing 2013/14

K. Stoch   POL 1420
P. Prevc SLO 1312
S. Freund GER 1303
A. Bardal NOR 1071
N. Kasai JPN 1062


4 Hills Tournament table 2014

T.Diethart AUT 716.1
S.Ammann SUI 706.7
T.Morgenstern AUT 700.7
N.Kasai JAP 681.1
P.Prevc SLO 676.5


Men CoC Standing 2014

M. Fettner AUT 803
N. Dezman SLO 731
R. Justin SLO 689
D. Wenig GER 655
K. Geiger GER 601


Ladies World Cup Standing 2013/14

S. Takanashi JPN 1720
C. Vogt GER 806
Y. Ito JPN 759
I. Avvakumova RUS 731
D. Iraschko-Stolz AUT 682


Ladies CoC Standing 2013/14

N. Lussi USA 298
S. Forsstroem FIN 257
J. Seyfarth GER 251
A. Stroem NOR 210
A. Sagen  NOR 200


SGP Standing 2013

A. Wellinger GER 440
J. Damjan SLO 419
A. Bardal NOR 323
M. Pungertar SLO 320
K. Biegun POL 290


FIS-Cup Standings 2013/14

M.Grigoli SUI 350
P. Egloff SUI 320
T. Zmoray SVK 307
A. Ruda POL 293
E. Torok ROU 274


Ladies and gentlemen, Klingenthal will bring a world's first:

on Klingenthal's official twitter account - @vogtlandarenakl - you will be able to find out directly, what the athletes have to say after their jump! Our reporter Peggy will be right at the exit gate to interview all jumpers in a 140-signs form. Have a look at this account, retweet and share to make sure to get this service available for all fans, journalists and ski-jumping enthusiasts on a regular basis. With your interest in twittering right from the exit gate you can establish this form of news-coverage! Spread the word and get the answers of your favorite jumpers right into your living room or on your smartphone!



Which competition this season will be the coolest in your opinion?

Klingenthal (9)

Lillehammer (1)

Four-Hills-Tournament (1)

Harrachov (3)

Sochi Olympic Games (1)

Wisla (1)

Zakopane (3)

Sapporo (0)

Willingen (0)

Lahti (1)

Oslo (0)

Planica (0)

rather the ladies competitions (1)

the venues that only the COC or FIS-Cup has (6)

Total votes: 27


What do you think about Janne decision to come back? Are you happy about it?Let us know

Yes i am happy (41)

No i am not (18)

Total votes: 59